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I have been teaching the Anishinaabe language for many years.

Over the years, I developed a working method for new learners. 

It is called the Sound Based Method of Understanding Anishinaabemowin.  It is not just a method, it is the way the language was originally understood before any English was known by Anishinaabeg. 

The book defines what each sound in a word means. This is Anishinaabe thinking.  The language is very accurate in describing actions.  Every time a certain sound is heard, the same certain type of action is referred to.  It is that simple.  

It is an amazing breakthrough for new language learners and long-time bilingual speakers as well.  Yes, there is a more accurate understanding of Anishinaabemowin than that which English synonyms from translating dictionaries can provide.  

You will love this book and you will use this knowledge for the rest of your life.

It is full of examples shown in full color photographs. There are several example words for each letter sound, explaining the idea spoken about with that letter sound. Yes, each individual letter is an idea spoken.

I have already taught using this method at Michigan State University for a year now. The students are overwhelmingly amazed at how it makes so much more sense than studying having to learn the rules of grammar.

“The grammar rules makes sense now”, they say.  "Now that I know what zoowookipo really means, I can't wait for it to snow!"

They have learned to see what is spoken about without being told the English translations.

We have to get back to that Anishinaabe-based thinking so that the new learners will understand the language the way it was meant to be understood.

Caroline Helen  Fuhst.

Have you ever wondered what is really said in Anishinaabemowin?  

Has an elder ever told you that the English cannot translate what the fluent speaker and listener are really thinking when they speak their native language?

The Anishinaabemowin words are not just replacement words for English thoughts.

The words are made of many ideas.  I have defined the ideas within the words.

Now you can learn what is really said.  

This method can guide you to Anishinaabe-like understanding. Training is necessary!

​Contact me for scheduling training in the use of this method!
A Whole New Worldview Awaits You!
About The Anishinaabe Natural Scientists:
Students should keep the information 
in this video in mind while studying Anishinaabemowin.  Return and watch 
this again as you learn more.  What seems hard to understand will be easier as you learn the true meaning of the sounds spoken.
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Anishinaabe spirituality is based on the Earth, so you really need to know the roots of the language in order to understand the Anishinaabe worldview. In today's world, only Natural Scientists study nature as closely as all Anishinaabeg once did. This video introduction to the Sound Based Method of Understanding Anishinaabemowin shows that all Anishinaabeg were once so close to nature that they based Anishinaabemowin on natural actions. This is the Anishinaabe Based Method of thinking that is missing from all the wordlists you can find. Come explore the Anishinaabe mind and worldview. 
This is a whole new way of thinking about language. Each sound speaks of a concept, the same concept wherever it is heard throughout the language. Action is what it is all about. It is truly a verb-based worldview.  

Do not settle for superficial culture. Culture resides in the mind, not in the symbols and artifacts. Learn this worldview and you will honor the ancestors. You will begin to THINK in the Anishinaabe way.
You will be taught how to change these root words in many ways.  They all start out as complete sentences, he or she is doing these actions.
Listen! All of the sounds heard are written in these spellings. Yeah, they are important. 
It is in the sounds that the descriptions of the actions reside.
sample homework root verb page with audio
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