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Tribal Voices   on WNMC 90.7 FM Traverse City, MI. 
A few words from Tribal Voices' Host & Founder - Paul Leon:

Tribal Voices is Native American Music Programming that reflects a time of sacred ceremonies, spiritual paths, and a culture from the perspective of the musical journeys traveled by our Native American ancestors on the plains, valleys and woodlands. Old traditional music, along with the mixture of new genres artists and musicians, and contemporary Native American tunes from across this vast continent we Natives call "Turtle Island" long before it gave birth to our current Euro based nation, or actually long, long before it was still just an idea and a hope for some across the big waters.

Sacred teachings of old values, ancient songs of the people, and the spirit of living together in harmony as one with Mother Earth is the philosophy of Tribal Voices as a message of all Native Americans. This program is respectfully dedicated to all women and Mother Earth — life givers to us all — and to the people who want to begin wiping away the tears of racism, and cultivating the preservation of the traditional beliefs in harmony, respect, compassion, and the honoring of oneself, others and many indigenous peoples around the globe.
Over the past 23 years, Tribal Voices has been aired on WYCE - Grand Rapids, MI. On WCKS - Allendale, MI, and WMNC, Traverse City, MI. You can call in your musical requests, dedications to friends and family, or get a shout out live on the air by calling our studio phone 231 995-1090 and speak to Paul personally. We encourage interaction with all our listeners.

The web site is: WNMC 90.7 FM Traverse City, MI. 

Listening Instructions for the Internet: Tribal Voices' programs are streamed 24/7 over the net on. Go to: www.wnmc.org, on our home page, at the top of the tan box on the left is: "Listen Now." Below that Listen Now is a graphic icon of the studio with a "PLAY" button in the center of the picture. Click on that play button to listen to the 3 Tribal Voices programs. 

Air times are on the Eastern Time Zone for Traverse City, and are as follows: Tribal Voices Before Dawn - Sunday Mornings 4am - 7:30 am, Tribal Voices - Sunday Evenings 8pm - 12am, immediately after Tribal Voices' airtime is Tribal Voices After Hours- Monday Mornings 12 am - 4 am. The same quality Native American programming except I'm home in bed.