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Pop Songs Anishinaabe'amaadeg
Our very first album, released in 2006!
Songs included:
Hey Good Lookin'
Cold, Cold Heart
Rhythym of the Rain
Straight From the Heart
Tell Laura I Love Her
Sea of Love
These Boots are Made for Walkin'
Bad Moon Rising
Coul I have This Dance (for the rest of my life?)
I am a Student (sung to Jealous Guy)
I Can See Clearly Now
(beadwork circa 1998 by David Fuhst)
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Understanding Anishinaabemowin, 
Students' Edition
Understanding Anishinaabemowin, Teacher's Edition

E-zhi-kidong Nikeyaa Giigidong
Anishinaabemowin the way it is said when spoken.
A comprehensive Grammar Reference and Workbook 
with 4 Audio CD's
What will help you as you begin to speak the Anishinaabe Language.
Conversational booklet and Audio CD
The Students' Edition is highly recommended as your first purchase.  It is for bilingual learners and speakers. 

The Teachers' Edition comes with Audio Flashdrive, but everything is spoken in the language.  It would be most useful for a fluent person who is beginning to teach.  A student should purchase the Teachers' Edition only in order to hear the language as it is spoken by a person who thinks in Anishinaabemowin.  It is also very useful as a resource to gauge how much understanding of the spoken language has been achieved.
Miinwaa Aanind
Our second album, released in 2006.
Songs included:
I Cross My Heart
It's Only Make Believe
She Thinks I Still Care
I Fall to Pieces
My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You
Never My Love
Lonesome Town
We Can Work It Out
8 Days a Week
It Doesn't Matter Anymore
Maampii Anishinaabe Akiing (sung to Murder on Music Row)
Released in 2007.
Macaroni (Macarena)
Blue Eyes Crying in The Rain
I Don't Hurt Anymore
You Win Again
Garden Song (Inch by Inch)
Reason to Believe
Everybody Hurts
Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song
Baby Face
One Speaker Walks On (One Tin Soldier Rides Away)
Released in 2008.
I'll Fly Away
Just as I Am
How Great Thou Art
What Heaven Means to Me
In The Garden
At The Cross
When The Roll is Called Up Yonder
Just a Closer Walk with Thee
Amazing Grace
The Old Rugged Cross
In The Sweet By and By
Why Me Lord?
Rock of Ages
Gospel Songs
Released in 2008.
Yakety Yack
That's What I Like About You
Tossing and Turning
Tenessee Flat-top Box
There's a Tear in My Beer
Splish Splash
One Night With You
Just Walk on By
I've Been Everywhere
Half as Much 
Don't You Wish it Was True
Blue Ridge Mountain Blues
Splish Splash, It's Diiva's Dance Party!

Helen's Country Favorites (a collection of country songs from CD's 1-5)
Released in 2010.
Hey Good Lookin'
These Boots
She Thinks I Still Care
It's Only Make Believe
My Shoes Keep Walkin' Back to You
I Cross My Heart
Blue Eyes Crying in The Rain
I Don't Hurt Anymore
I'll Fly Away
Tenessee Flat-top Box
Hlf as Much as I Love You
Blue Ridge Mountain Blues
There's a Tear in My Beer
I've Been Everywhere
Helen in The Kitchen Making Frybread
(Helen's only song sung in English to Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds)
(photograph by Nixon Peltier)
Released in 2010.
These songs are about what have been called the Seven Grandfather Teachings.  The lyrics of these original songs are drawn from the philosophy of the teachings.  The true meaning of the teachings can be found by really knowing what the words are saying in Anishinaabemowin.  For example, the word "zaagi'idiiwin" talks about sharing a part of your inner self with another person rather than the English equivalent "love" which has a  very vague definition which must be looked up in the dictionary to discern its meaning.  
(beadwork circa 1910 by Sophie Parker, David's great-grandmother)
Niizhawaasawi Akinoomaadiwinan
Seven Teachings of The Earth
Niizhawaasawi Akinoomaadiwinan
Teachers' Guide for CD-8
Released in 2010.
​This booklet and CD set is a study of the words from the lyrics that a teacher or student could use to assist them in learning.  It includes a Cd of back-up music which can be used to sing along in practicing the pronunciation of the words and the way they are sung in CD-8.  You must buy CD-8 also for this set to be useful, since the original songs of CD-8 are not sung on this audio CD, it is only the music.  
$ 40.00 plus shipping
Sing & Learn with Helen Roy
Released in 2010.  Booklet/Audio CD set.
These are curriculum-based original children's songs written about things commonly taught in the classroom.  Topics covered include more than just what the titles refer to.  For instance, the song "one Day" teaches about "parts of the day, directions, and outside temperatures".  All songs are written with a lot repetition that children become accustomed to, in order to learn what is being taught to them.  The music is fun to sing to.  There is even a "rap" song, Numbers/counting covering numbers 1-10.  The Relations songs are very interesting to many learners.  The terms for relatives are different from a male's point of view compared to a female's point of view.  
Grandma's House (nokomis endaad)
Sounds of Things (inwewinan)
Occupations (inaangazhewinan)
Chores (anankiiwinan)
Eating Utensils (wiisini'nakaazawinan)
Food (miijim)
Animals (wesiinh'ag)
​One Day (nigoding giizhigag)
Daily Doings (endaso-giizhigag e-anankiing)
Numbers/Counting (gindaasowinag)
Clothes (gwiwinan)
Feelings (e-azhayaang)
Relations-Boy's perspective (nawendaasowin)
Relations-Girl's perspective (nawendaasowin)
Don't Forget Who You Are 
(gegwa anendange e-aawi-yin)

The CD/booklet set CD-11
Sing & Learn Teachers' Guide 
has sample lesson plans and a back-up music CD.
You must also purchase CD-10 in order to use this set.
Released in 2011.
"When are you guys gonna do some Johnny Cash?"  Ahaaw, 9 are on this album!  We also included some Buck Owens songs, a Patsy Cline , Everly Brothers and one Elvis song.
I Walk The Line
Folsom Prison Blues
Don't Take Your Guns to Town
Hey Porter
All Over Again
I Guess Things Happen That Wy
One Piece at a time (One Word at a Time, a Student's testimonial)
Cry! Cry! Cry!
Man in Black
Before You Go
Act Naturally
If You've Got Leaving on Your Mind
Walk Right Back
Return to Sender
Released in 2012.
When we perform, the Elvis songs are always a crowd favorite.  This album has 7 that we haven't covered before, plus 2 of our favorites re-issued.   We also included a cover of a Paul Simon song, a Harold Arlen song from a favorite movie,and an old r&b favorite.  Oh, and Helen sings a little German.
Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Too Much
Stuck on You
Don't Be Cruel
Marie's the Name
Devil in Disguise
Return to Sender
One Night With You
Wooden Heart
You Talk Too Much
Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Elvis Saangs and others!
All of the songs are sung in Anishinaabemowin!
The Store 
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  • Anishinaabe Sounds Flashcard/Video Set

    Flashcards and discussion about the individual sound concepts

  • CD-1 Pop Songs Anishinaabe'amaadeg

    Kawliga, Helen's first hit!

  • CD-10 Sing and Learn with Helen Roy

    Original curriculum based Children's Songs

  • CD-11 Teachers Guide to Sing and Learn

    Booklet and Audio CD of music with no singing for students to sing along. Purchase CD-10 also in order to use this.

  • CD-12 Finally Some Cash

    Johnny Cash and Buck Owens with Patsy Cline, Everly Brothers and Elvis

  • CD-13 Elvis Saangs

    Elvis songs and Paul Simon's 50 Ways...

  • CD-14 I Won't Back Down

    Another eclectic mix of love songs and more by Loretta Lynn, The Beatles, The Diamonds, The Shirelles, Cat Stevens, The 5 Satins,Tom Petty and more.

  • CD-15 Running Bear and Other Favorites

    Released in 2015 these are more song requests we have had from our friends.

  • CD-2 Miinwaa Aanind Anishinaabe Nagamowinan

    Beatles songs and more

  • CD-3 Anishinaabe'amaazodaa


Simple Reader 1: What is the little girl doing?
The actions shown in these pictures may be spoken about in many ways. The words chosen here are routine action words which will be heard and spoken by a child in an immersion environment.  
There is an English translation provided at the end of the 16 lesson pages of the booklet. 
 An audio CD is provided with Helen reading the words slowly so that the student can hear the complete sounds before speeding up in everyday use.  
These are not be story books.  All of the simple readers follow a theme.  Each page is useful as an independent lesson.  The teacher can expand the lesson to include other discussions of the sounds using similar words which are suggested by the actions in the pictures.  
The simple readers are useful for all beginning students, not just elementary students.  At first the teacher can read the books to the students.  Independent students at home can listen to the CD and read along.  
Available  at The Store, scroll down, look in the "Books" section.
Simple Reader 1 answers the question and adds comments about what is seen in the pictures.  Look at the sample page at far right:  "The little girl is thirsty.  The little girl is drinking water.  The water is nice and cold."  These are three simple sentences suggested by the action seen.
Simple Readers are for students of all ages who are learning to read the langauge as they learn to understand and speak the language.
SR-1  (simple reader 1) 
 aaniish e-ananakiid ikawewizens
What I Will Say to My Baby Girl!
What I Will Say to My Baby Boy!
Booklet and Audio CD
Booklet and Audio CD
Parents can listen to the CD and read along , practice these words, and be ready when the new baby arrives.  If you prefer audio files on a flashdrive instead of a CD let me know.  
Parents of students taking the language should become familiar with these words that their child is learning in school.  

These booklets cover the daily routine commands, the instructions to "put on your coat", "put on your shoes", and so on.  

The parent can learn to ask "Are you hungry?"  "Are you thirsty?"   "Don't do that!"  "Put your shoes on!" "Let's go to grandma's place!"   "You're not to play with that!"  "Open the door!"  "Did you finish eating?"  Over 190 common everyday real sentences!  

There is a section on weather, too!

The audio is in Anishinaabemowin, there is an English translation of every sentence in the booklets.  Children do not need to be told the translation, just use the sentences at the appropriate times and you will see that they will soon understand.  This is a tried and proven method which is used in immersion environments; it is how the original speakers of Anishinaabemowin learned the language in see and say situations.

Adults can use these words in everyday situations, this is a wonderful introduction to the spoken language.

Click to play In The Sweet By and By
SR-2   Simple Reader 2
mii maanda e-ananakii-yaanh e-diso-giizhigag
Simple Reader 2:  This is what I do every day!

16 full color action photographs.
​The sentences are shown at the right.
The phrases all are spoken on the enclosed audio CD
Booklet and Audio CD
Released March 3, 2013
Oh, the ups and downs of love are covered in songs by everyone from Loretta Lynn to Tom Petty in this album.  The Oldies were especially fun to record and we hope you find them just as much fun to listen to.

1.One On The Way
2.In My Life
3.I Will 
4.Then He Kissed Me
5.Save The Last Dance For Me
6.Little Darling
7.Baby It’s You
8.In The Still Of The Night
9.The Great Pretender
10.It’s A Wild World
11.Shame On The Moon
12.I Won’t Back Down 

CD-10 $20.00
CD-11 $40.00
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Any real donations will go toward paying our bills so we can keep making the resources. We do not receive any grants to do this, we are self-funded. 

We are not a non-profit entity, so the donations will be treated as regular income by us and are not tax deductible by you. Buy something!
​$ 20.00 plus shipping
$ 20.00 plus shipping
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Anishinaabe Sounds Flashcard/Audio Set

This set is designed to use with the textbooks on the Sound Based Method of Understanding Anishinaabemowin.  
​A flashdrive is now included instead of CD's.
Each consonant and vowel is the focus of a video.  Each consonant/vowel combination is covered, in words spoken by Helen.  Some discussions of the target concepts are heard along with the key words used to describe the concepts.  The students can look at the key words and concentrate on the true meaning of the sounds spoken instead of the standard English one word translations which are very inaccurate.  Watch this sample video, part of the focus on "b".
Music CD-15 Released in 2015
Indian Reservation (Cherokee People) Raiders
Running Bear  Johnny Preston
Drums Pete Lafarge/Johnny Cash
Someday You'll Call My Name Hank Williams Sr.
You're Just What I Needed The Cars
Have You Ever Seen The Rain?  CCR
My Life  Billy Joel
Fast As You Dwight Yoakam
Another Brick in The Wall Pink Floyd
You Look So Good in Love George Strait

(You see, no genre is safe from  getting our Anishinaabe treatment.)
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Audio/visual products are now available on USB flashdrive instead of CD and DVD. The music is still on CD but can be made available as mp3 files sent in e-mail, by special request at:


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